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Ready to bring and to take care

German Health Practice Collection
vor 9 Jahren|1.3K Ansichten
The "Siap Antar Jaga" model ("Ready to bring and to take care") is a Community Based Alert System approach, part of the national program of the Ministry of Health (MoH) for the development of the Health Sector in Indonesia.
This film describes the concept of community members owning their own resources and capacities for preventing and overcoming their own health problems, health emergencies and disasters based on the already existing Indonesian tradition of mutual support and in a spirit of togetherness. The overall goal is to reduce maternal death.
This short film is an integral part of the Community Empowerment in MNH Toolkit: http://www.ighealth.org/en/product/detail/3/Service-Delivery
It shows the experience of implementing this program and demonstrates the Community Empowerment in MNH (Maternal & Neonatal Health) concept from the viewpoint of villagers, health workers, community leaders and decision makers alike.

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