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030 ENG Lie clocks

9 anni fa|27 visualizzazioni
One day, while on his way home from a fishing trip, Mr. Brown fell asleep at the wheel of his car, crashed into a tree and died instantly. He arrived at the gates of Heaven where he was greeted by Saint Peter. Welcome to Heaven Mr. Brown. Thank you. Let’s get you checked in. What’s all this? These are “lie clocks”. I don’t understand. Well, you see, each person on Earth has his own clock and every time he tells a lie the hands move. Now I get it. Interesting... Whose clock is that? Oh that’s Mother Teresa’s clock. You can tell by the fact that the hands have never moved, that she never told a lie. Really? And what about that clock up there? That clock belongs to Abraham Lincoln, and you can see the hands have only moved twice, that means he only told two lies in his life. I see. St. Peter, where’s Bush’s clock? Oh, that’s in Jesus’ office, he’s using it as a ceiling fan.

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