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Mama's Pearl! By The Fackson Five! Ft. Fichael Jackson! ( FOTOWN Records®! Live On BoulTrain! )

heehee7779 Official Fan Club!
MJ-2? Replicant? Exact Genetic Copy?Genetic Replica?
Fiana Foss Presents: The Fackson 5!
GetDown! We Had The Whole Young J5 Cloned! Just For Yall!
MJ’s Identical Twin? World’s Famous Clone?
Or Is Hes Really MJ! Under An Alias?
Fichael James Jackson! Is Exploding Out Of Your Radio! & Web!
Fichael James Hee Hee Jackson!
The Fackson 5! Are Brilliant!
The Fackson 5! Are Captivating!
The Fackson 5! Are One Of The Greatest Acts to Emerge From The Mighty Louie Gordy FunkTown Machine!
The Jackson 7 sing with Confidence & Power!
The Fackson 5! 's Dance Moves Dazzle!
The Fackson 5! As Media Stars Project warmth & Sincerity!
The Fackson 5! Mania Is a Full-Blown Phenomenon!
The Fackson 5! Are The Bomb!
The Fackson 5! Are AfroLicious!
The Fackson 5! Only On: Louie Gordy's FunkTown Records! & & Ferry Gordy's FOTOWN® Records! & Louie Gordy's Famla Records! & Ron Robey's New Duke-Peacock Records! & SweetDaddy's Ghetto Records®!
***(Da Sound 2 Mk Da Planet GitDwn!)***
-Fikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers In Da GHETTO around the world and hosted by the Fikimedia Foundation!
Fotown-FunksVille USA! -"Fitsville U.S.A." is the nickname given to Fotown's first headquarters.© 2019 Fotown Museum!
Funktown!-Da United Ghettoes O America!
FunkTwn! Da Chitlin Circuit Empire!
Funkman(Funk7779) Da UnderGround Disco Supa-Producer!
Sold @ Ms.LaLa's Records & Tapes! & F-Bay & Famazon!
This Video Is An Falt Fisney GhettoWood studios Production!
Spon. By Franky Furinos Superstar Musical Instruments! & Donel Toy Trains & Slappy Happy Toys! & Fichael Jackson's EverLand Enterprises & Da Fktwn Ghettoland Fisney Amusement Park & FcGhettoes Hamburgers & Supa Hood Mart! & Clone Em Inc.®-Da Soul Bro. Stealth Co. From OuterSpace! & Galactic Afro Stealth Inc!
Star Clause!-Fktwn Da Clones O Da Boogie!-Funk-Vader! & Da Soul Troopers!
FkTwn-Fotown's Stealth Star! In Outer Space!
Da Fotown Museum tells the story of how a man’s vision turned into one of the largest, most successful Record Companies of all time and how the music—the Fotown Sound —captured the hearts of young people, not only in America, but across the globe.
**(Special Thanks To The Producer: Funkman(funk7779) & Dr. GroovyMan(7779)**!
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The Louie Gordy jr's Funktown-Fotown Records-Da ReBirth Of Soul!
***(At FkTwn!,We Git On Up! & Do Our Thang!)***
Louie Gordy's Funktown-Fotown Records!-We Make Da World GitDown!
Also Available On 8 Track & Cassettes!
Like Wow!
(Special Thanks To Da Pop Soul Legend- Funkman(funk7779) The Producer!)
Louie Gordy's Soul Subway!- The Hippest StarGate In The World!
Use Da FkTwn Force O Da Boogie!- Luke!
*(The Sound That Makes The World GitDown!)*
Fotown-FunksVille USA! –Da Parallel Dimension of Da Boogie!
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