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So, Think Peaceful And Quiete

Ulrich H. Kiefer | 宋 可富
vor 9 Jahren|43 Ansichten
‘Looking into those sparkling emerald green eyes, I can feel a quiet ocean’, said Roses' touching soft voice on top of the roofs in NBO. And the forgotten village secret is now revealed. People in Hu-ru-ru said: Always think quiet and peaceful, wishing you all a ‘Happy New Year’. Visiting Freiburg, Gengenbach, Kappelrodeck, Offenburg, Paris, Riegel, and Wuppertal's rumbling 'dragon of steel' and/or Sankt Gallen and Jerusalem in Israels' topic region, you may meet the swan family, too. The title photo 'Flowers on Ice or Snow' by Bernd Suhm, Wuppertal; the two photos in Jerusalem by Amit Mendelsohn, and the photo 'St. Gallen Lights‘ by Runa Zumara, Switzerland, all © 2010; for all of the remaining pictures, cover graphics and art works made by Ulrich Kiefer et alii and the video musics ‚Peaceful And Quiet‘ by Livemusik & Entertainment Bernd Suhm, NRW. Text and Layout by Video productions Ulrich H. Kiefer Copyright ©2010 All Rights Reserved. 聖誕 節同 新 年快樂, שנה טובה, メリークリスマス, Prosit Neujahr