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Teaser A.L.F. (English subtitles)

Jérôme Lescure
A few words from the director…

This kind of story has no borders. It could just as well unfold in France, in England, in the USA, in Italie…

If I have chosen to broach this subject using animal distress and suffering as a background (animal detention in laboratories in particular), it is to allow an audience as broad as possible (whatever age, frame of mind or religion) to be informed of what is usually hiden from the public. You may ask « why not make a documentary as graphic and shocking as my film Alinéa 3 ? ». Actually, it is to get more strength and impact that I turned to a fiction, based on réel facts and filled out with archive footage of animals being tortured. Because in spite of its coverage, Alinéa 3 has been censored and boycotted, on télévision as much as in festivals. Now my ambition cannot remain unfulfilled. And fiction defending a noble cause, with a story delivering a strong message, is more attractive to the décision makers. Moreover, the characters of my story are people who come from all social backgrounds, backgrounds that are common to any society, and characters we can relate to, because they struggle for one and the same cause : animal libération. These are people like you and I, feeding on love, going up against all kind of obstacles, running from démons that always catch up with them, but also and above all they are thirsty for rebellion against a corrupt system authorizing the exploitation of the weakest… All thèse injustices that drive us to make choices with irréversible consequences but so justified…

The title of the movie is simple and direct.
A.L.F. (Animal Liberation Front).

Many pepole tried to dissuade me from using this tittle, suggesting that my film could be labeled as a « polemical work of an eco-terrorist ». This won’t be the case in any way, quite the reserve…

Jérôme Lescure