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10 years ago|794 views

Mike Tysons Punch-out Bald Bull "single dozer" technique

This is a variation of the strategy ( I came up with in 2005 that could achieve a sub 1:27 time (which was then a world record). The strategy twice attempts the "bull dozer" technique (a trick developed by Matt Turk). Should these fail it still achieves a fast time but should they succeed it can result in even lower times. This video demonstrates a 1:21.97 time resulting from one successful bull dozer technique.

This video depends on a random "ear rub" pattern (1/4 chance) and a random star (1/16) thus the odds of succeeding in this strategy is 1/64 or roughly a 1.5% chance of success.

While this strategy is possible in real time this movie is Tool-assisted and represents a frame perfect version of this strategy.
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