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GB Final Fantasy Adventure in 1:09:03.9 by MattyXB

il y a 9 ans|183 vues
GB Final Fantasy Adventure (USA/Europe) "Warp glitch" in 1:09:03.9 by Matthias David (MattyXB).

Final Fantasy Adventure is the first game of the Seiken Densetsu (聖剣伝説) series but it does contains some classic Final Fantasy elements. The series is probably best known for the SNES game Secret of Mana. This game was later remade on the Gameboy Advance as Sword of Mana. Gameplay is quite similar to a Zelda game, however there is level building.

In this run, MattyXB demonstrates how to flawlessly beat the game. What's unusual is that he also uses some glitches to completely skip parts in the game saving over 20 minutes. The "Power" option is selected on every level-up.

Those trying to follow the story in this movie will have a hard time, since the main characters were both named "A" and integral points in the story were skipped.

This is a tool-assisted speedrun, made on an emulator, using frame-by-frame shooting, savestates, and rerecords to overcome reaction time and human error. As such, it is purely a form of entertainment, and is not designed to show skill.