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il y a 8 ans202 views



Against all odds, am just fine.
This video's soooo sad because the music makes me feel this way.
For the really first time since ages, am fine. I'm just happy.
And desperately in love.

Infos :
Music : Hope
Artist : Dai
Footage : Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, Advent Children, X and X-2.
Focus/Story : Yuna x Zack. They were married, everything was alright. But Zack, as a SOLDIER, must go for a mission. Yuna was sad, of course, and also frightened. She had an impression. She won't see Zack anymore.
Dedication : None. (well... I guess Killy for the music. Baaah don't care.)
More : Er... Okay. It was the 1st time I worked with Zack. And I guess it is a complete failure. I don't know enough apparitions of Zack, nor the scenes of Crisis Core T__T. Laaaaaame.
And some of the masks are just... Horrible u__u D=
I guess my clips don't love 16/9 u_u

It is a fan made. No profit.
Musics and images belong to their proper owners.
No copyright infrigment intented.

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