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10 years ago|3.2K views

Everyday Einstein: GPS & Relativity

Perimeter Institute
What helps farmers to plant fields more efficiently, golfers to choose better clubs, and skiers to find faster ways down the mountain? And what does it have to do with Einstein?
“Everyday Einstein: The GPS and Relativity” is a new outreach video by Perimeter Institute on the surprising link between the GPS and Einstein’s theory of relativity. The GPS is so accurate it must take into account tiny effects from relativity to function properly. Without doing so, it would fail to function completely.
Everyday Einstein: GPS & Relativity includes a six-minute video with accompanying supplementary information and worksheets for teachers to use in their classroom. For more information, and to order this complete in-class resource, visit
(In-class kits are mailed to Canadian teachers only. International Teachers can download all the resources from our website).