il y a 12 ans

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Fur Alina (Arvo Part Cover)

Gregory Bodenes
From "Reverie" (2010)

Arriving around the same time as his greatly anticipated return as The Sight Below, this new LP from Rafael Anton Irisarri shows a different side to this talented composer/producer.

Reverie pairs two brand new compositions with an interpretation of Arvo Pärt's classic 'Für Alina'.

Taking up the entirety of the B-side, the extended 'Für Alina' is rendered with a reverent beauty, observing the meditative economy of Pärt's triadic 'tintinnabulation' style.

Here the bell-like sonorities prompted by sustaining overtones is as important to the central harmonies themselves, and Irisarri certainly exhibits an understanding of this kind of detailed approach to minimalism.

The piece is supremely graceful, dictated by a free flowing tempo and a mood of poised introspection.

On the road to nowhere...

Thanks To Carl Theodor Dreyer and his "Vampyr"....

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