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TEASER : A CARA DO BRASIL (The Face of Brazil)

il y a 9 ans|110 vues
Documentary Project Summary (52') :
By October 2010, the Brazilian voters are called to indicate the successor of Lula as President of Brazil. For the first time in history, new technologies of communication are giving to the citizens the way to meet and get organized to campaign for the candidates. The Movimento Marina Silva, the most organized of these unprompted movements, gathers citizens from all parts of Brazil, ready for anything to make elect the (outstanding) candidate of the Green Party and ex-minister of Environment, Marina Silva. Their enthusiasm impersonates them sometimes as political visionaries, sometimes as utopian sweetdreamers. And if, in the end, Brazil was to elect for President in next October: a woman – prompted by a spontaneous citizen’s wave - black, and environmentalist?

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