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GBA Silent Scope in 03:41.98 by jlun2

il y a 8 ans185 views

Link to publication : http://tasvideos.org/1586M.html

GBA Silent Scope in 03:41.98
by jlun2
Rerecord count : 5165
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In Silent Scope, you're a sniper trying to take out a band of terrorists who have kidnapped not only the President, but his entire family as well. However, in this version the sniper apparently drank 25 cups of coffee and may possibly have ADD.
This version is 1 minute 47.3 seconds faster than the old version thanks to skipping the credits, killing multiple enemies with one shot in some circumstances, and lag avoidance.

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GBA Silent Scope in 03:41.98 by jlun2
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