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Laser Vue Eye Center Complaints |

9 years ago|13 views | Laser Vue Eye Center Complaints VERY...Friendly!!! The whole procedure at LaserVue was handled very efficiently and professionally, and the staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the process. The staff was very realistic about my individual situation and I felt like I was well informed about the risks. Thank you LaserVue! Great Experience!!! I had a great experience with LaserVue Eye Center. On the day of my surgery with LaserVue, I was out the door within 45 minutes, with the actual surgery time being less than ten minutes! The next day my vision was already 20/15 in my right eye and 20/20 in my left eye, and I haven't seen like this since I was a kid! I found the entire process to be a great experience and all the visits with the doctors have been wonderful. It was very painless, and I'm still enjoying my great vision. Thank you! THANK YOU!!! No glasses anymore is great! Everyone always asks me if it hurts. This is what I tell them: If you have ever had an ingrown toenail removed, LASIK hurts about 1/10 as much. I could have driven home five minutes after it was done if I had to; instead, I let my wife and kids take care of me for a couple days. Thank you LaserVue! PAINLESS!!! For years I was terrified at the thought of LASIK surgery. Then a friend of mine had her vision corrected at LaserVue Eye Center, and encouraged me to look into it. The moment I walked into LaserVue Eye Center, I began to have hope that my vision and astigmatism could be corrected. The entire staff was so encouraging and professional. My husband and I got to watch a LASIK procedure before my surgery, and Dr. Bansal patiently answered all of our questions. The surgery was brief, painless, and I am happy to report my vision is now 20/20. I am grateful to Dr. Bansal and his staff, and would recommend LaserVue Eye Center to anyone interested in high quality LASIK eye surgery. LaserVue Eye Center was a REWARDING EXPERIENCE!!! The entire staff was very professional and friendly at LaserVue Eye ...

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