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Living Labs: Indo-Gangetic River Basin

TVE Asia Pacific
With water scarcity emerging as a global concern, we simply cannot continue the water-intense methods of the past. Yet, as human numbers increase, more food needs to be produced with the same - or shrinking - land. This calls for smarter, thriftier ways of using freshwater and increasing water's productivity in agriculture, without damaging the environment, or undermining food security, jobs or health.

The CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF) has brought together dozens of researchers, policy makers and local communities in Africa, Asia and South America to look for practical solutions through action research. We travel to eight of its benchmark river basins to find out what has been accomplished - and what remains to be done -- to grow more food with less water.

Vast extents of land in India's Uttar Pradesh have turned barren due to high levels of salt, pushing already very poor people to the edge of survival. To reclaim such lands, researchers are now experimenting with salt resistant rice and wheat varieties and low-cost, natural substances to condition the soil.

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