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il y a 12 ans

Close to the Voices #1 : Yves Jamait plays "Jean-Louis"

Brothers Gang

Acoustic session #1
Yves Jamait plays "Jean-Louis"
Close to the voices

Stef and Julien Bloch are directors for many years now, and they fell in love with music when they were very young.
They come from a family of musicians, and soon realised during their lives that they wanted to express their feelings about music through their films

They especially love voices and realised that there were very few musical programs that could really convey acoustic emotions. Today, they decide to combine their passion and their work around a single project:
Close to the Voices

We sincerely hope that you like this special project, beacause we only have one aim :
Serve music and defend emotions it conveys

Stef & Julien Bloch