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THE ENDGAME #2a: "You Will Learn to Love Servitude"

há 9 anos|370 vistas
From Alex Jones' documentary film ENDGAME (and from the Endgame 1.5 extras). I've produced a few clips from the original documentary material, in a "user-friendly" format. Many people don't have the time to watch a full 2-hour documentary, but they will watch short-length, informative clips from the same. Please share them with your contacts.

A Brief History of Globalism: From Imperial Rome to UNs global governance
A Brief History of Eugenics (parts 1, 2 and 3)
Totalitarian China, UN model-state for the world.
UN Law of the Seas Treaty (LOST): Globalist takeover of ocean resources -- piracy.
A North American Union (parts 1 and 2).

THE ENDGAME #1: World government.
THE ENDGAME #2a: "You Will Learn to Love Servitude"
THE ENDGAME #2b: "You Will Learn to Love Servitude"
THE ENDGAME #3: A Police State Control Grid.
THE ENDGAME #4: Eugenics & Transhumanism.
THE ENDGAME #5: Population Reduction/Genocide.
THE ENDGAME #6: Environmentalism As A Weapon.

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