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il y a 9 ans135 views

Discover Triyang, a new puzzle game with infinite combinations: just stick together your own coloured triangles to win the most points.
Ingenuity and visual memory are your tools of choice to increase your coloured area at the expense of your opponents.
Play solo or multi player or else try to defeat the games shrewd artificial intelligence (AI).
Profit from the use of joker pieces to block your opponents. If you are behind you will receive invaluable bonuses.
Triyang is one of those games you will play over and over. It has many different playing modes, including 17 solo brain-teasers, a race mode against opponents and an AI mode.

Triyang is a full 3D logic game, with an intuitive user interface (move on the game area with only one finger, multitouch zoom ) and context-sensitive help, accessible from both the menu and the game itself. Triyang is a very user-friendly, and very easy to play with others.

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