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Bologna 17/7/93 - phone call / Ultra Violet / WOWY

17th July 1993 - Bologna, Italy (Stadio Comunale). MacPhisto phones Luciano Pavarotti, who asks how the show is going and says they deserve a great audience. He laughs when MacPhisto suggests he is slimming down for the '90s - "Not so much, but I will try!" - and sends everyone his love, to huge applause. The maestro declines to sing down the telephone, but wishes them many more beautiful days and nights, and says it would be a pleasure to join them on stage one day. He also thanks Bono for writing the English lyrics of 'Miserere' (his duet with Zucchero). Later MacPhisto slow-dances with the tech who fixes his microphone, and sweeps a girl off her feet during With Or Without You!
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