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Y las obras se hicieron Tesoros_Precolumbian Art_Exhibit2007

il y a 9 ans252 views

This brilliant collection of precolumbian art results from different geographical of the Latin America : Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Equator, Peru and Bolivia. For the first time, a selection of 200 significant objects has been made from the private collection of 1 800 pieces. 50 centuries are represented since 3500 B.C. till the Spanish conquest. The expositive themes are : Feather art.Powerful stone.Textile.Nobility of the wood.Pottery.Shells.Art of metals. The exhibit took place in the “Centro de arte Tómas y Valiente” (May 10-September 9, 2007),City Council of Fuenlabrada,Spain/ Collection : Salinas de la Piedra. Curators: Varinia Varela Guarda, Esteban Aguayo Sepúlveda. Coordination: Javiera Salinas Humeres.Conservation: Luís Solar. Restoration: Paulina Santana. Project in charge of : Evolucionarte: Jesús Rodriguez Gomez.Comediarting: Francesca Silvestri, www.comediarting.com. Elisa Ganivet: www.elisaganivet.com. Film making : Julia Sabina Gutiérrez Sanchez, Rivelino Diaz Bernal

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Y las obras se hicieron Tesoros_Precolumbian Art_Exhibit2007
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