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12 years ago

the conquest of the air (funny Commercial

robert henriksen
if you like this please go to site and vote I need seed money for my radio station and this is a good and funny commercial....this is another of the ideas that was floating around my head those first five minutes as i started putting together fly like and eagle. this is part of the series of ads this will be 1 out of 4 ads? i already have them made just tweaking them this series could end with the fly like an eagle, if they can buy? or want to buy the rights to use it ??? just pitching the idea here.could be another win win connect al these ads together and end it with fly like an eagle ad ,and you have a killer promotion campaign for 6 months to a year and they would definitly make their money back .. other wise i have alternate endings the series do see the connection here man trying to fly also as well as viral internet element, i couldn't stop laughing everytime i watched it,like a bugs bunny cartoon..and it will keep them coming back wating for the next one , 3 good elements here , plus a crescendo