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PWF Mid-South: Bloodlust (Wrestling)

Brass Knuckles Productions

"PWF Mid-South: Bloodlust" - This was the show that really put PWF Mid-South on the map. This event had it all: wrestling, high-flying, hardcore and even a few sick bumps that didn't involve tables and glass. The night was topped off with a chair-throwing arena riot as the fans truly became a part of the show.

View match results here:

MATCHES: February 7, 2002 - Oliver Springs, TN
1. Dave Pillman vs. Robbie Race - "First Blood" Match for the PWF Mid-South Heavyweight Title
2. Menace vs. Ryan Phoenix
3. Death Row Inmates brawl with the Phoenix Foundation
4. Thorn vs. Brian Phoenix
5. Kidd Krazzy vs. Jason Extreme - Junior Title Match
6. Rich Kavana vs. Shane Williams

This show features two camera angles, backstage promos and commentary.

Shot & edited by stuCAM