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Thelma & Louise II : Avatars of Pandora Full HD Trailer

il y a 10 ans|1.3K vues
It's the full HD trailer for Olivia Munn's Sci-Fi blockbuster, that blends the outstanding visual effects of 'Avatar' with the touching story of friendship from 'Thelma & Louise,' Thelma & Louise II: Avatars of Pandora. This amalgam is better than the films which inspired it. Okay, maybe not better than the original 'Thelma & Louise.' That movie was a classic.

Read more : http://g4tv.com/attackoftheshow/comedy/69541/Best-of-Olivia-09-Thelma--Louise-II-Avatars-of-Pandora-Full-HD-Trailer.html#ixzz0b8p6a8Pp

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