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Ivan Radichev
The International Migration Organization publishes freezing data (MONITOR Newspaper dated 16 August 2004) that Bulgaria exports each year 10 000 (ten thousand) girls at the age from 12 to 18 (which means children) to become prostitutes. -
The undisputable fact that Savestin was kidnapped, was established by the Investigation Office of Sofia as early as March 15, 1999- 2 years after the date of the kidnapping…
But as long as 5 years after the above date the truth about the kidnapping and the investigation materials have been kept hidden from the father and from the society until February 14, 2004. (See #6 in part two of the site – ).
But no formal investigation is made to find Savestin even until this day… The way in which the investigation is carried out, cannot ensure the finding out neither the perpetrators nor the whereabouts of Savestin! Why!?
On June 9, 2005 the father of Savestin initiated civil case 11197/2004 from the list of the Sofia District Court, staff 27, against the government of Mr. Simeon SaxCoburgGotta. The sentence has been appealed against… Simeon SaxCoburgGotta from Madrid and Mr. Milen Vechev – minister of finance, have de facto even before the Bulgarian court damaged the case of the kidnapped child by refusing to transfer budget means to ten ambassadors of Bulgarian abroad to hinder the recognition of Savestin. Why?
It is on purpose that no investigation has been organised and carried out on Savestin for as long as 8 years. If his portrait photographs are not published by the printed and other visual media in the countries quoted here below by me NO POLICE OR ANY OTHER OFFICE IN THE WORLD SHALL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO RECEIVE SIGNALS ON THE CHILD ITSLEF AND ON HIS LOCATION. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY FOR SAVESTIN TO BE RECOGNIZED AND FOUND. The identity of Savestin has been changed and it is senseless to look for him by his real names…
The BULGARIAN GOVERNMENT – Mr. Sergey Stanishev and BULGARIAN PRESIDENT – Mr. Georgy Parvanov refuse to finance this most safe chance so that I receive information and find my child. Besides being the most secure and sure, it is also the cheapest way. About 15000 EURO shall be needed. I have been destroyed and it is a lot of money for me. Please help. Savestin can rely on me only and on your help and assistance. PLEASE HELP!
The kidnapped Savestin could be and should be traced down predominately in the following countries: Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Iran, Algeria, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina.
The child has most probably passed the Cyprus and Israeli borders, or Romanian, Hungarian and Dutch territories.

Bulgarian PostBank
CODE: BPB17940
EURO № 4403026211
BG 55BPB179404403026201

Mr. Todor Stanislavov Deyanov
Father of the kidnapped child Savestin
Lyulin 521 –G – 87, Sofia 1359, Bulgaria

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