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13 years ago


Douglas Murray
AAA-AAA-AAA-AA-A-,AAAAAAA-TOM-JONES-TRIBUTE#1ATOM JONES ACT1',-A1''a-TOM JONES'' aka A1 & No.1 World's Most Popular Fly Back Tom Jones Tribute Act IAN SCOTT. Lookalike, Soundalike,Movealike & Stage Presence, Delivery and POWER that so many just haven't got. Any Tom Jones Tribute who doesn't have that real raw power vocal that the legend Tom Jones has...should seriously get out of the business, because they are fakes. Tom's most important aspect is his VOICE...not his LOOK. He says that his voice is what he wants to be remembered for. You now have the ridiculous situation where a lot of Tom Jones Tribute acts in their 40's and 50's are growing goatees & trying to imitate a man of nearly 70!! It's a soft option, because Tom doesn't move around much anymore & its easier to look like him by growing a goatee. Ian portrays Tom at his comeback peak in the 80's when he had a huge hit with KISS. A better option & better stage in his career & more handsome!! HERE - IAN SINGS SHE'S A LADY!