Xambox : 1 click to file, 1 click to retrieve !

  • il y a 15 ans
The Xambox is the first integrated solution that manages hard-copy documents. Spending hours clearing out cluttered spaces with paper is now over. The Xambox arranges, files, stores and locates all of your documents wheter you have sorted them or not !

Xambox's benefits

- Optimzed data processing : all paper format, automatic color duplex scanning, automatic character recognition, full-text indexing, automatic digital copy creation in PDF format ;

- Powerful and intuitive searches : full text search on key words, ability to add comments, outlook reminders, creation of virtual forlders, quick email fowarding, secure backup of your documents database ;

- Easy access to original papers : graphic and written indication of the location of the original document (tracker), archiving and optimum storage conditions in durable boxes (300 sh./box)

More informations : www.xamance.com

Xamance North America, Inc.
39 Brewery Lane - P.O. Box 55
Elverson, PA 19520 - USA
Tél. : +1 (215) 253 8926