14 years ago

Cure Your Vaginal Thrush With Yogurt

A popular cure for vaginal thrush is yogurt. Many women have successfully used a yogurt remedy to eliminate their symptoms. As a cure for vaginal thrush yogurt is safe, cheap, effective, and many sufferers report that it works quite quickly. Here, you'll learn about the benefits and how to use yogurt correctly to beat your thrush.

Vaginal thrush - often called vaginal yeast infection - is a nasty infection of the vagina caused by a fungi called Candida Albicans. When this overgrows, it causes yeast infections which can occur anywhere, often in the vagina.

Drug-based topical creams etc., may only give temporary relief because they address the symptoms of vaginal thrush, not the root cause. And, since they are drug-based, the Candida fungi can develop a resistance to them. This can lead to recurring thrush attacks. Which is why many more women are now turning to a totally natural cure for vaginal thrush. Yogurt is one of their favorites.

Yogurt for t

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