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    Class of 2000 Memorial Middle School 8th Grade Dance Part 3


    by ExtremeBloodloss

    The year was 1996. It was a time when Jordan was kicking ass and trends were harmless and fun. Fargo, From Dusk Till Dawn were hits in the theater. Local H released As Good As Dead, Tool had Aenima, and who can forget Mmmbop by Hanson. It was also the time of when the 8th graders of Memorial Middle School were dancing their asses off. The girls were developing (Hey now!) into nice young ladies, the boys were struggling with inappropriate boners and cracking voices; it was all just a fantastic spectacle to behold. Throw in a wacky, super enthusiastic dance-machine DJ extraordinaire - who's also pretty creepy - and you have one of the best middle school dance videos you'll ever see.

    Some things you may or may not see:

    The Fontaine/Miles slow-dance.
    Troy's Unyielding Sex Drive
    Sal selling hot-dogs without a license.
    5 Nip shots.
    Incredibly sweaty girls dancing uncontrollably(and poorly).
    Awkward dancing.
    Dozens of mouth-filled brace faces.
    And even some hula-hooping!