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Villa Sorriso "una storia lunga 100 anni" Pognana Lario (CO)

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Built in the Country-Liberty style popular in Italy for several decades from the late 19th century until the 1930s, the Villa Sorriso is a charming house overlooking Lake Como in the tiny lakeshore village of Pognana, just nine miles from Como itself. To reach the house, you must leave your car on the road above and walk about 200 yards down a path of steep cobblestone steps [not suitable for elderly guests] which continues on a further hundred yards to the lake.

Renowned for its luxuriant vegetation and mild climate, Lake Como and its environs need little introduction. The quaint town of Pognana [restaurants a 10 minute walk away] is sharply contrasted with the sophisticated elegance of Como, which can be conveniently reached in about half an hour on the local bus. Ideally situated for excursions to the surrounding area, Bellagio - also known as the pearl of the lake - is less than 20 miles distant. Considered by many to be the most beautiful town in all of Europe, its narrow cobbled streets, breathtaking views, impeccable homes and glorious villas make it a most enchanting spot to spend an unforgettable day. Other sights not-to-be-missed include the town of Cernobbio and Isola Comancina, Lake Como's only island where on the weekend after June 24th - St. John's Day is celebrated with a mass in the ruins of Basilica S. Eufemia, followed by a costumed procession and evening fireworks.

Villa Sorriso is a cozy 3-story house with homey interiors characterized by traditional furnishings, antique tile and hardwood floors and soft colors.

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Villa Sorriso "una storia lunga 100 anni" Pognana Lario (CO)
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