NASCAR's Bubba Wallace Says Ryan Blaney Is 'Super Jealous' Of His 'Star Wars'-Themed Car For Series Championship, But It's His Comments On Meeting Mark Hamill That Make Me Envious

  • last month
NASCAR may be in Phoenix for its Cup Series Championship but, during the proceedings, there will be vibes similar to the galaxy far, far away, thanks to Bubba Wallace and Columbia. Wallace will take to the track in a custom-wrapped car made to look like the iconic X-Wing, which (as those who've watched the "Star Wars" movies in order know) was flown by Luke Skywalker. CinemaBlend had a chance to speak to Wallace about that ahead of the race and learned how he made fellow racer Ryan Blaney "super jealous" with his partnership. However, it's Wallace's encounter with Mark Hamill that has me super envious of him.

For those who may not know, Ryan Blaney is a 'Star Wars" superfan who has Darth Vader tattooed on his thigh. Blaney is also great friends with Bubba Wallace so, when the driver learned about Columbia's plans for the race and its latest clothing collaboration with "Star Wars," he couldn't help but be covet the sponsorship. Wallace discussed those feelings with CinemaBlend while also joking about how he managed to smooth things over with Blaney.