Trump Promises to Stop All Electric Car Sales

  • 2 months ago
Trump Promises to Stop , All Electric Car Sales.
In an effort to be reelected
as President of the Unites States.
Trump is promising oil and gas execs that
he'll keep electric vehicles (EVs) from being sold in the U.S. if they make significant donations to his campaign, Gizmodo reports. .
Trump said that he'd lower tailpipe emissions targets and cut EV tax credits, among other things. .
"You won't be able to sell those cars," Trump said.
However, the EV market continues to grow, with
at least 1.5 million units expected to sell in 2024.
If Trump squashes EV sales in the U.S., it could anger some Republicans since the market has provided more jobs and investments in the South.
For example, Hyundai is investing
$13 billion in Georgia, a state Trump lost
in 2020, to produce electric vehicles.
Meanwhile, analysts predict EV sales will continue to rise despite Trump's efforts.
Although, his tactics could prove
to slow those sales dramatically. .
Ford Motor executive chair
William Clay Ford Jr. weighed
in on Trump's promises.
Our time frame as a company,
our planning time frame, is a lot
longer than election cycles, William Clay Ford Jr., via statement.
When we’re whipsawed back
and forth by politicians that
becomes really difficult for us, William Clay Ford Jr., via statement