Pierre Huyghe: Liminal / Punta della Dogana, Pinault Collection, Venice

  • last month
Running concurrently with the Venice Art Biennale 2024, the Pinault Collection presents a solo show created by the artist Pierre Huyghe at its Punta della Dogana space in Venice, Italy. The exhibition is titled Liminal. It presents major new creations alongside works from the last ten years, particularly from the Pinault Collection.

“Pierre Huyghe has since long questioned the relation between the human and the non-human, and conceives his works as speculative fictions from which emerge other modalities of world. Fictions, to him, are “vehicles for accessing the possible or the impossible—what could be or could not be.” Pierre Huyghe transforms Punta della Dogana into a dynamic, sensitive milieu perpetually evolving. The exhibition is a transitory state inhabited by human and non-human creatures and becomes the site of formation of subjectivities that are constantly learning, changing, and hybridizing. Their memories are expanding with information captured from events, both perceptible and imperceptible, that permeate the exhibition. For Pierre Huyghe, the exhibition is an unpredictable ritual, where new possibilities are generated and coexist, without hierarchy or determinism. With Liminal, he invites us to follow other realities, to become strangers to ourselves, from a perspective other than human—inhuman. This exhibition is supported by Bottega Veneta. Outfits for the work Idiom are designed by Bottega Veneta Creative Director, Matthieu Blazy, in collaboration with the artist. The exhibition has been produced in partnership with the Leeum Museum in Seoul, which will present it in February 2025.” (official description)