From Perfection To Authentic - Crafting Compelling Connections Ft Kionz C

  • 3 months ago
Ever wonder how film makers feel when they see the transition of video production changes through the years from picture perfect high quality productions to now, vlog style?

In this episode of In The Spotlight, I'm super honored to have invited my friend @KionzChan to share his crazily inspiring story from being a Multi Award Film Maker, Film Director, Executive Producer to now very famous, especially among our Malay community friends, TikTok's Official #TikTokGuru and Business Coach in the field of Social Media Presence, Business Scaling and Expansions. You Cannot Miss This!

In this conversation, you'll learn about his long journey filled with technically creative pivots and self improvements. Fun fact, he has been posting on YouTube for as long as myself and have endured all the changes on YouTube gracefully over the years before he finally succeeded on TikTok! Most importantly, we talked a whole lot about Monetization too.

Be sure to like, comment, and most importantly share if you find this podcast useful. Thank you very much and advance and Enjoy the Show! Feel free to make use of these timestamps to go to the topics that you're most interested in.

00:00 Intro
01:02 How Did Ray Mak and @KionzChan became Friends?
01:55 First Impression?
04:22 What Do You Do On The Internet?
06:13 The True Definition Of A TikToker
07:00 Over 18 Years On Creating Contents and Thousands Of Contents Later
07:40 Learning The Reasons Of Failure
09:55 Who Is @KionzChan ?
12:25 Started TikTok, Experiencing The Difference!
14:20 Persistence And Continuous Improvement
14:59 Becoming An Author Too
16:50 The PIVOT
17:50 @garyvee 's Role
21:40 Making A Comeback On YouTube
23:30 Challenges?
26:30 TikTok Official Creator
26:50 Forming Habits Lead To Polishing Skills
28:49 Konten Bahasa Melayu
33:06 MONETIZATION and Potentials
36:25 Words Of Wisdom

About In The Spotlight

I have been a content creator for almost two decades now as I've had the privilege to have started when all these platforms started. Over the years, I've made many great friends and have also enjoyed the many blessings from the Internet.

In The Spotlight is a Platform where my amazing content creators friends share their precious experiences so we can all learn together as well. I really hope you like it too.

Last but not least, special thanks to my good friend Kevin Chan for being the catalyst, push, idea and brains behind In The Spotlight.

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