Stone Angel - album Stone Angel 1975

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Taped and equalized from the original LP.

Stone Angel were born from the ashes of the similar band Midwinter. The music is British-tinged acid folk, deeply rooted in the medieval tradition and in the dark form of progressive folk, with some psychedelic influences as well, and male/female vocals. "Stone Angel" was their only album from 1975 to 1994, when they reformed with various line-up changes and returned to the recording studio and on the stages.

Joan Bartle - vocals, recorder, crumhorn, flute, bowed psaltery.
Ken Saul - vocals, guitar, bass, dulcimer, 12-string guitar.
Paul Corrick - guitar.
Mick Burroughes - jew's harp, bass, bass drum, bongos, vocals.
Dave Lambert - mandolin, fiddle, violin, vocals.

The bells of Dunwich.
The skater.
Pastime with a good company.
Travelle's tale.
Black sailed traders.
Stone Angel.
Galliard/Merrie England's Musicke Box.
The gay goshawke.
The black dog.
The Holy Rood of Bromholm.