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Working With The Cleaning Authority The Authority in Cle...

The Cleaning Authority. The Authority in Cleaning. Life’s Too Short To Clean Your Own Home™ ,when you have The Cleaning Authority at your side. The Cleaning Authority is the faithful pioneer and Authority in the home cleaning business. Here at The Cleaning Authority we are committed to shielding your family unit and the environment—one home cleaning after the next. The Cleaning Authority uses Green Seal Certified® home-cleaning products, along with The Cleaning Authority’s designated HEPA vacuums and microfiber dusting fabrics. The Cleaning Authority’s elite Detail-Clean Rotation System provides you peace of mind as we provide your home a deep, detailed cleaning all year long. The Cleaning Authority strives to be Reasonably Priced. Dependable. Systematic. The Cleaning Authority Satisfaction Guarantee! Your satisfaction is extremely imperative to us at The Cleaning Authority. If you are ever discontented with any area we have cleaned, we’ll revisit the next day and re-clean the area to your approval. At The Cleaning Authority we work hard to offer you a top quality clean at the best possible price. The Cleaning Authority cleaning professionals have undergone extensive preparation and are fully bonded and insured so you can count on them to be at your home on the correct day with the precise equipment. How the Detail-Clean Rotation System Works The Cleaning Authority’s Exclusive Detail-Clean Rotation System starts by giving your house a “Detail-Clean” inside the first two cleans. On the initial clean, The Cleaning Authority Detail-Cleans your kitchen, bathrooms and carefully cleans the rest of your house. On the second clean, we Detail-Clean the sleeping and living quarters and methodically clean the kitchen and bathrooms. The Cleaning Authority follows with a method that preserves a detail-level of clean all through your house. At The Cleaning Authority, we supply green-cleaning services that facilitate the protection of your home, protect the planet and offer you peace of mind...

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