Man discovers the art of collecting inedible Dippin' Dots while scraping snow off of table

  • 5 months ago
The things that soothe us can cringe us too, and frosty proof of it is captured in this video.

Shared by George, this ear-piercing clip features him scraping snow off of a table.

The sound of the scraper being dragged across the table might not be the most pleasant sound you've heard, but the visual of tiny snowballs being gathered in one spot, resembling a tub's worth of Dippin' Dots, is quite tempting.

"After it had snowed the night before, I was clearing the tables outside the front of my food van Biffens-Kitchen in North Devon, Croyde," George told WooGlobe.
Location: Croyde, United Kingdom

WooGlobe Ref : WGA507864
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