The Funniest Moment 'Kiss His Girlfriend While His Back is Turned' n Viral Leaked' CCTV Footage

  • 5 months ago
One sneaky football fan appeared to make the most of his friend's jubilant celebrations by kissing his girlfriend while the latter's back was turned.

The viral clip that appeared on X, formerly known as Twitter, was captioned 'Kissing your friend's girl behind his back is wild' and has been viewed 19.8 million times by users on the site.

The video, which appears to be CCTV footage, shows a couple sitting down, with two friends standing behind, as they watch a football match in a bar.

There was cause for celebration at the time, as the man sat down with, presumably, his girlfriend leaps into the air and rushed towards the TV, pumping his arms.

As he does so, one of the men standing behind them leans down and kisses the woman before swiftly assuming his previous position, all before his friend turns back around.

When the man did look back, everyone continued their celebrations before he was encouraged to look again at the TV and keep celebrating.

As he did so, the man stood behind, once again, leaned down, and kissed the woman.

At the end of the video, the presumed boyfriend and the two men stood up all celebrated together - with the former unbeknownst about the sneaky ongoings.

A date in the top right corner of the footage suggests that the incident took place on December 3rd, 2022 - during the Qatar World Cup.

There were two matches played that day, with the Netherlands beating the USA 3-1 and Argentina beating Australia 2-1.

Given the fact that one of the men in the clip is wearing an Argentina shirt, it's likely that they were watching Lionel Scaloni's side win.

It's unsure whether the video is real or fake, with many users on social media suggesting that it may have been set up before recording.