Halil Tortured Emir - The Girl Named Feriha

  • 7 months ago
The doorman's daughter Feriha and her mother Zehra, who live in a luxury apartment in Etiler, are surrounded by the excitement of the university exam results. While the university is the key point of the mother's daughter's dreams for the future, Feriha's twin Mehmet, who did not study after primary school, and her father Riza, who is a fatalistic man by nature, do not feel the same excitement as them. While Mehmet is jealous of Feriha from the inside out, he is also aware of the ambitions in his twin and the longing he feels for the luxurious life of the 'above'.
On the other hand, the most important thing in Feriha's life, other than her university goal, is Cansu, who lives 'upstairs' and has a problematic relationship with her stepmother. Cansu, like Feriha, is waiting for the exam results. The big day finally comes. Feriha, who has received a scholarship from an elite private university, will take a step to the university that will put her into a completely different life.

Feriha Yilmaz is an attractive, beautiful, talented and ambitious daughter of a poor family. Her father, Riza Yilmaz, is a janitor in Etiler, an upper-class neighbourhood in Istanbul. Her mother Zehra Yilmaz is a maid. Feriha studies at a private university with full scholarship. While studying at the university, Feriha poses as a rich girl. She meets a handsome and rich young man, Emir Sarrafoglu. Feriha lies about her life and her family background and Emir falls in love with her without knowing who she really is. She falls in love with him too and becomes trapped in her own lies.

Cast: Hazal Kaya, Çağatay Ulusoy, Vahide Perçin, Metin Çekmez,
Melih Selçuk, Ceyda Ateş, Yusuf Akgün, Deniz Uğur, Barış Kılıç.

Production: Fatih Aksoy
Director: Merve Girgin Neslihan Yeşilyurt
Screenplay: Melis Civelek, Sırma Yanık