Re- part 3 Adding s&p 500 data for data analysis and portolio dashboard management Re Part 3 Adding S&P500 data for Stock Portfolio and dashboard in excel urdu/hindi SPY data setting

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How to Create an Investment Portfolio and Dashboard in Excel (Urdu/Hindi) step by sHow to Create an Investment Portfolio and Dashboard in Excel (Urdu/Hindi) step by step with details Part 3
(S&P 500 data downloading, arranging the dates and final setting of data)
In the first video, I download the data from yahoofinance and arrange the data in a systematic manner.
FIN 4300
Project Objectives
This project provides an introduction to investments in financial assets. It is also an exercise for students to understand their attitudes towards risk and the risk-return relationship presented in financial markets. It will offer an opportunity to examine risks, their measurements, and how they are embedded in asset prices. It would deliver a better intuition about asset pricing models introduced in the course.
Download datasets
• Pick 5-8 stocks of your choice from the SP 500 index.
• Download data from , it can be of daily or monthly
• Download 10-year Treasury bond yield data from to get return estimates of risk-free
investments from 2012 to 2022.
• Download data from 2012 to 2022:
1. Use data from 2012 to 2022 to gain insights into assets' historical
distributions (it is your choice if you want to use one year or more, explain
2. Use data from 2021 to 2022 to perform out-of-sample performance
Manipulate the datasets and examine risk-return relationship
• Reorganise the historical data into pivot tables to have the ability to assess the risk
embedded in each stock and its expected return:
1. Obtain expected returns
2. Obtain The standard deviation of returns to assess stocks’ total risk
3. Decompose their total risk into unsystematic and systematic risk
4. Obtain the Sharpe ratio to assess the risk-reward relationship of each asset
5. Assess down-tail risk by calculating the value at risk and the Expected
shortfall of each stock,

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6. Create a dashboard to display information regarding the distribution
FIN 4300
Construct risky portfolio
Notes: assume that there is no shorting, no leverage, and you invest 100% of your money.
• Based on the risk profile, construct the optimal risky portfolio based on the stocks
• Construct the eq