Disappointment sweeps across baby's face as she tastes brackish broccoli for the first time

  • 8 months ago
Delightful footage has surfaced, capturing the exact moment when an adorable girl learned the meaning of disappointment.

"My daughter is just starting solid foods and broccoli is not a vibe for the moment," the filmer, Charlene Dos Ramos, told WooGlobe. "The video is of her reacting to her first taste of the veggie."

The way the baby's excitement instantly dwindles the moment her taste buds encounter the broccoli is downright hilarious.

She doesn't even try to hide her displeasure, and without saying a word, she clearly admits that she isn't a fan of the vegetable!

Location: Durban, South Africa
WooGlobe Ref : WGA743258
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