How Males Are Tested For Infertility? | Dr. Richika Sahay Shukla | India IVF

  • 10 months ago
Male infertility can be assessed through a series of tests and evaluations performed by a medical specialist, typically a urologist or an andrologist. These tests aim to identify any issues that may be affecting sperm production, quality, or delivery. Here are some common methods used to test for male infertility:

Medical History and Physical Examination: The first step in evaluating male infertility involves discussing the patient's medical history and sexual history with a healthcare provider. They will inquire about any underlying medical conditions, medications, lifestyle factors, and sexual habits. A physical examination may also be conducted to look for signs of anatomical abnormalities.

Semen Analysis: Semen analysis is a crucial test to assess male fertility. A semen sample is collected through masturbation and analyzed in a laboratory. The analysis includes evaluating the volume of semen, sperm count, sperm motility (movement), and sperm morphology (shape and size). Abnormalities in any of these parameters can indicate potential fertility issues.

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