The Making of Una in Aliam - 01-09-19 & in Detail
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This oil painting ‘Una in Aliam’ is based on my graphite pencil drawing ‘Nude – 17-06-15’. An artist often sees one thing in another. Salvador Dali saw a rhinoceros in Vermeer’s Lacemaker. I saw a horse in a women’s thigh. Often working on a larger scale than a drawing there is more to be told so I extended the story employing the legend of The Amazons. In today’s era women need a little support.

After all skythian women were equal to their men and quite a match for both skythian male warriors and their greek enemies. In the background there is a fine example of the skythian gold (horse figurine) and the Greek pottery at the left represents an Amazon warrior. The arrow in the from make a spearhead together with the slanted position of the horse’s head, repeating the arrow head.

Ambiguous Image
For people who want to see and read more about the principle of ambiguous images, please visit Gaia – 16-03-16 where I explain more. From there you can go to more drawings and paintings where I employ the same principle.

Oil on wood panel (71,8 x 82,4 x 0.9 cm)
Artist: Corné Akkers