Jeremy Renner Feels ‘Lucky’ Despite Horrific Snow Plow Accident, Reveals His ‘Eye Did Pop Out’

  • last year
"Avengers" star Jeremy Renner has been hitting the late-night television circuit, finally discussing his horrific snow plow accident that began his new year off to a rocky start. On Monday, during a late-night interview, the "Wind River" actor revealed that one of the many injuries he sustained during the incident was that his eye “popped out.” If you’re anything like this writer, your stomach probably just did somersaults visualizing that. But Renner kept a wonderfully optimistic disposition, saying he feels “lucky” despite the life-threatening accident. That’s it; I’m officially changing my favorite MCU superhero to Hawkeye.

The "Mayor of Kingstown’s" leading man sat down for an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he shared more details about the New Year’s Day catastrophe. He told the television host, almost flippantly, that despite receiving roughly 35 “or so” broken bones, a pierced liver, and a collapsed lung, he feels as though he was fortunate in many ways and feels nothing but gratitude for how things ultimately panned out.