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Unusual encounter: Rare Asian migrant bird establishes family in Dubai

The Black Drongo, a vagrant or very rare Asian migrant bird, has been recorded breeding and making a family for the first time in the UAE in Dubai’s Mushrif Park.

The achievement by Dubai’s veteran wildlife specialist Dr Reza Khan also marks the first documented breeding record of the species, Dicrurus macrocercus, in the entire Arabian Peninsula, Dr Khan told Gulf News.

In an age-defying act, Dr Khan went the extra mile by reaching the nest of the Black Drongo family on top of a Ghaf tree in the Park in a boom truck. Using the hydraulic crane of the boom truck, he climbed over 10m to document the breeding process of the rare bird.

Describing the bird, he said Black Drongo is a jet-black bird, the size of a myna, around 28 cm, but with a pretty long forked tail.

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