2 - What Google wants us to focus on for SEO in 2022

  • last year
Advanced SEO strategies boost traffic and search engine ranks. This course covers SEO, on-page optimization, content, link building, keyword research, and analytics.

You'll learn how to do an SEO analysis, identify keywords, structure pages for conversion, and establish a strong backlink profile. This course offers actionable tips to boost your website's search rankings, whether you're a beginner or a pro.

You'll create a site-specific SEO blueprint using real-world examples and activities. This course will teach you SEO best practices to enhance traffic, leads, and conversions and scale your reach. Improve SEO!

How's that? I stressed SEO's traffic, rankings, conversions, and scalability benefits. The description lists the course's main subjects and abilities and encourages SEO optimization. Please let me know if you want content or copy adjustments. Adjustment is simple.