China's alternative to ChatGPT: what we know so far | The Crypto Mile

  • last year
On this week's episode of The Crypto Mile, our host Brian McGleenon speaks to leading AI educator and founder of newsletter Pete Huang, about China's response to ChatGPT and the concerning rise of deepfakes that could lead to a new pandemic of mistrust and confusion across the planet.In late 2022 ChatGPT took the world by storm, gaining 100 million users in just under two months, the fastest rate to mass adoption of any app in history.Generative AI apps promise to re-invent the way we search online, curating the information we receive to satisfy our every requirement, and generating content for us on request, creating anything from social media posts to full academic papers in a matter of seconds.Now that Microsoft and Google are incorporating the new technology into their respective search engines, China is not far behind.Beijing recently announced "a new breakthrough in the development of the artificial intelligence industry that will have a global influence".But what will China's version of ChatGPT look like? And what are China's big tech companies doing to catch up with Microsoft and Google in terms of the AI arms race?Also, with the proliferation of deepfakes, where artificial intelligence convincingly replicates the likeness of public figures and celebrities, will China crack down on deepfakes, or use them as a propaganda tool?