McDonald And Giles* – McDonald And Giles Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock 1970

  • 2 years ago
Ian McDonald and Michael Giles participated in the first King Crimson album, "In the Court of Crimson King - 1969" and released this album after leaving the band.

It is an extremely pleasant album, made with care and good taste, without exaggeration and excess. It doesn't impress at first, but time helps to admire it. Nothing different could come out of musicians who belonged to one of the best bands of all time!

Tracks :

01. Suite In C
02. Flight Of The Ibis
03. Is She Waiting?
04. Tomorrow's People – The Children Of Today
05. Birdman - The Inventor's Dream (OUAT)
06. Birdman - The Workshop
07. Birdman - Wishbone Ascension
08. Birdman - Birdman Flies!
09. Birdman - Wings In The Sunset
10. Birdman - The Reflection


Ian Mcdonald (Guitar, Piano, Organ, Saxes, Flute, Clarinet, Zither, Vocals And Sundries)
Michael Giles (Drums, Percussion, Vocals)
Peter Giles (Bass Guitar)
Peter Sinfield (Lyricist)
Steve Winwood (Organ, Piano Solo)
Michael Blakesley (Trombone)