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Wednesday Night Live with Stefan Molyneux!

Stefan Molyneux
Stefan Molyneux
Philosopher Stefan Molyneux takes philosophical questions from listeners on Locals!


Hi Stef, maybe i got it wrong, but in your video "The Story of Your Enslavement" you said in the end "To see the farm is to leave it". What do you mean by it? can you elaborate? Thank you

Hi Stef, how can teachers best support students from (at best) extremely strict families who present with crippling anxiety? Thank you for all you do

Hey Stefan, loving the show. I'm going to try tip more often, you deserve it! Especially more than than restaurant staff (their philosophy is tasteless) ;P
Tomorrow will be my first time as an hiring manager. The role is for a software engineer at my company. Any tips or advice?

Stef do you have any tips to have successful sales calls with potential clients?

You may have answered this last show, but do you think people can actually consent to arranged marriages? It just feels like a form of human trafficking to me.

So my wife is in school to teach and has many teacher friends. When I speak to her or her friends she calls me non supportive and condescending. I bring up charity systems and lower pay because summers and winter off etc... She states I'm incentive and turns off my reasoning. Thoughts?

What advice would you give a person who's awakened to the horror of their many years of R-selected and degenerate behavior and is now so filled with shame that they can't figure out how to move past it or ever hope to assert their own needs in the world? How can the sort of person you'd certainly advise others to steer clear of based on their past hope to change their life and be able to form healthy relationships?

Stef, why is judging people considered a bad thing, people also say to not judge a book by its cover for example. But aren't judgements useful to quickly filter through people and waste less time, or am I missing something here?

Stef how long do you think the U.S economy can survive without a collapse? 5 years? Peter Schiff thinks 2023 will be a bad year for the U.S economy.

Stef, I've read that inflating a currency incentivizes people to consume conspicuously and disincentivizes saving - could this (over-consumption due to inflation) be what leftists are critiquing when they squeal about consumerism, in the same way that when they criticize capitalism they are actually criticizing the ill effects of crony capitalism/fascism ?

Stef any recent experience with the great slowdown? I went to a restaurant, food was late, was wrong and everyone seemed aloof, I notice this carelessness in other businesses as well.

Hi Stef! You have ignited the flame of fatherhood within me and 2 days ago our 2nd child was born in good health. I am 46, do you have any ideas or thoughts about parenthood at a higher age? Many thanks

Any thoughts on the death of Pope Benedict XVI? I plan to read his books on philosophy and theology. He seemed to hold on to Thomism like Christopher Dawson but allowed the...