A Bit Of A Do S1E4 The Charity Horse-Racing Evening (1989) David Jason, Michael Jayston

  • last year
S1E4 Starring David Jason, Michael Jayston, Gwen Taylor, Paul Chapman, Nicola Pagett, Sarah-Jane Holm, David Thewlis, Tim Wylton, Stephanie Cole, Nigel Hastings, Wayne Foskett. Ted is now bankrupt and Liz has left him, incurring Rita's scorn when they all meet at a charity evening to raise money for the local playhouse. Nonetheless Rita, now working as a secretary and fond of her independence, refuses to have Ted back and Liz is similarly unwilling to get back with Laurence, leading both husbands to suspect - wrongly - that Neville is more than just friends with the ladies. Paul, now the father of baby Thomas, is embarrassed when Carol, with whom he had a drunken one night stand, shows up.