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3 months ago

Learn Google Ads | Google Ads Getting Disapproved - How To Deal With Text Ads Disapproval Reasons?

SF Digital Studios
Are you running Google Ads? If so, you're probably frustrated with all of the reasons why your text ads are disapproved. Many of the reasons are confusing, but don't worry! This video will tell you what to do.

Reasons for disapproval of text ads, loads of reasons there could be. Google will usually tell you that if you have got excessive capitalization or the grammar is not correct because they don't want to show a really bad ad on their platform, right? Google wants to give why do we love Google is because we get the best experience. We won't see any ads with which has got you to know words which we shouldn’t have typos or grammatical errors and so on.

So, it's going to tell you for disapproval, you go and fix your ad, send it for approval, and it should be fine. Another one could be, a page 404 at a there's somebody something sometimes the website is down. The landing page is not working. So obviously they don't want to show ads for someone to go to a 404 page although they get the click and they get paid but that's not the point for them. They want to send somebody from the right ad to the right place.

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