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4 months ago

Learn Google Ads 2022 | Google Ads Daily Budget - How Much Budget Do You Need For Google Ads?

SF Digital Studios
Google Ads is a great way to get traffic but you need to set a budget. So, how much is a reasonable budget? This video will give you a range of numbers and some general guidelines. Watch now!

how much budget do I need for Google Ads? And this is I think one of the most common questions which is asked by many or how much budget do I need? And my reply to this question is, first of all, if you are new to Google Ads, you've not run any campaigns before use or set up a budget that you are comfortable losing. Now, I'm not saying waste your money, throw away the budget, give all your cash to Google, nothing like that. If you don't have any data in your account, we need to test first. Testing can take anything from 60 to 90 days.

Whilst we are optimizing the campaigns as well obviously and what I mean by testing is also that I don't mean that we won't get any results for 90 days or 60 days, not at all. You may start getting leads or sales within a matter of hours or days as soon as the campaign starts to run but it may be at an expensive price because we haven't put in negative keywords, we haven't tested the ads and the landing pages and so on. So first of all you need to test and this is where the budget comes in. We don't know. So I would always say try to if it's a big company spending tens of thousands of dollars then they will allocate a certain budget. That's not a problem but for small to medium-sized businesses I would say try to aim for 30 clicks per day. Because you don't want two or three clicks per day otherwise nothing is going to happen.

You're going to get frustrated or nothing is happening after two weeks or three weeks. Get a handful of clicks or visitors to your website per day to see what is happening or not happening. Now that click could be $1 or it could be $100. That's how you will work out. So for me to give you an in number it just won't make any sense. Because if I tell you. You need to budget $50 a day and your click cost is 100 bucks a day. You'll never get a click so always go by the click and then multiply it by your average CPC now again if you haven't got any data in your account then you go by the keyword planner and see what the estimated top of the page average CPC is and then you start to run the campaigns and that's how I would budget but always start with the budget which you are comfortable running.